Power Rangers Super Samurai

Story LineThe Samurai Power Rangers must defeat the wicked Master Xandred and his army of Nighloks, who keep becoming stronger. However, using the power from the Black Box, the power Rangers plan their attack.

Release On02/18/2012

Genres Power Rangers |

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Episode 01 Super Samurai

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Episode 02 Shell Game

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Episode 03 Trading Places

Episode 04 Something Fishy

Clash of the Red Rangers - The Movie

Episode 05 The Rescue

Episode 06 The BullZord

Episode 07 He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother

Episode 08 Kevin's Choice

Episode 09 Runaway Spike

Episode 10 The Strange Case of the Munchies

Episode 11 A Sticky Situation

Episode 12 Trust Me

Episode 13 The Master Returns

Episode 14 A Crack in the World

Episode 15 Stroke of Fate

Episode 16 Fight Fire With Fire

Episode 17 The Great Duel

Episode 18 Evil Reborn

Episode 19 The Sealing Symbol

Episode 20 Samurai Forever

Episode 21 Trickster Treat

Episode 22 Stuck on Christmas


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